daily for 7 days
MIN 10 USD / MAX 20000 USD
principal returned
no compound
10-1000 USD 2.0%
1001-3000 USD 2.5%
3001-20000 USD 3.0%
daily for 14 days
MIN 1000 USD / MAX 20000 USD
principal returned
no compound
1000-4000 USD 3.0%
4001-10000 USD 3.5%
10001-20000 USD 4.0%
daily for 21 days
MIN 2000 USD / MAX 20000 USD
principal returned
no compound
2000-5000 USD 4.0%
5001-10000 USD 4.5%
10001-20000 USD 5.0%
daily for 28 days
MIN 5000 USD / MAX 20000 USD
principal returned
no compound
5000-10000 USD 5.0%
10001-15000 USD 5.5%
15001-20000 USD 6.0%
deposit amount:
Daily rate:
investment plan:
deposit term:
total profit:
Started Apr 16, 2018 / Running days 7 / Total accounts 249 / Total deposited $ 7407.00 / Total withdraw $ 840.21 / Visitors online 6 / Last update Apr 23, 2018 /

Welcome to Cashmine.net

Cashmine.net is a premier international investment corporation that is registered in the UK. The company is headquartered in West Sussex but its activities go far beyond the borders of England. We may be the largest investment manager you've never heard of. So strongly do we believe in the value of professional advice, we offer our funds through financial advisors.

Our funds are designed to help investors pursue real-life goals. In fact, every decision we make is based on doing what we believe is right for investors. In our effort to help protect the value of investments, we pay close attention to risk. We base our decisions on a long-term perspective because we believe it is the best way to achieve superior long-term investment results. We bring to the market a coherent team of highly talented professionals, financial experts, analysts and real professionals, who are masters of their trade. This team makes up the backbone of Cashmine.net and is an integral part of the company's success. They are the ones responsible for the company's growth, development, dynamics, success, stability and income...

There is no reason to worry even if you have little or even no experience in the financial markets for major transactions. Embracing the capital trust management services offered by Cashmine.net is a perfect way out of the situation. The vast experience of our experts and good feedback from our clients is a confirmation to that.


Legal business
Registration of the company in the UK is a reliable guarantee of fulfillment of all obligations to investors, from stable accruals to instant payments.
Team Of Professionals
Company's experts are technically trained, experienced users of forex and participate in the development of new trading strategies.
High Percents
The company provides a stable accruing of income from 2% to 6% daily with the possibility of the return of deposit at the end of term.
Instant payments
Cashmine.net uses the most advanced automatic payment processing system by which your profit will be sent instantly.
Strong protection
All your money as well as your personal information is well protected and safe on the company website.
Available terms
The minimum deposit of $10 allows almost anyone to become an investor of the company and earn profit.
Contact us
Company address:
The Coach House, Mansion Gate Drive, Chapel Allerton Leeds, West Yorkshire,
LS7 4SY.
Cashmine.net is registered in UK under No. 03468851. Registered office: The Coach House, Mansion Gate Drive, Chapel Allerton Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 4SY.
Company No: